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Custom Flower preservation & Enquiry

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Flower Preservation

Creating beautiful keepsakes. Contact us below for more information.


We can get very busy during wedding season and will always try to accommodate you, but to avoid disappointment please book in advance to guarantee your flowers are preserved. All we require is a deposit to reserve your date.

How will the process work?

Once you have reserved your slot, we will arrange for packaging to be sent to you for you to return your flowers to us. We then preserve the flowers and create the artwork from these. Your artwork will then be delivered to your chosen address. Please contact us via the form below for more information.

How long until I have my artwork?

Flower preservation can take time depending on the type of flowers. From receiving the flowers to posting the artwork to you, it can take between 8-10 weeks. I naturally press and preserve the flowers, which cannot be rushed. Love and care is put into every piece, creating beautiful artwork.



    Creating beautiful art made from preserved, pressed flowers to provide keepsakes of precious memories. Presented in a stylish frame for your home. Wedding Flowers, Memorial Flowers and Special Occasions.


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